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Web Hosting Benefits

Why should you choose Technetex as your web hosting company?

We feel these are some important reasons:

» Security

Technetex Canada has made security our number one priority with our secure servers, impenetrable firewalls and secure data centre.

» Fast, Reliable Service

At Technetex Canada we understand that site performance is one of the most important factors when making good first impressions with your visitors. To guarantee you get the fastest and most reliable web hosting service money can buy. We have redundant OC3 fiber connections to the internet and guarantee 99.9% uptime. We can guarantee this because we also use load balanced UNIX and Windows 2000 servers with on-site UPS and emergency generators ensuring they never go down.

» Specialization

Technetex Canada is not an ISP, we don't sell hardware and we don't sell long distance airtime. We are focused on doing the one thing we're dedicated to and that is communicating effectively on the internet. Our suite of products covers it all, from developing your web site, to hosting your web site and to marketing your internet business. Also, you'll find our staff is very knowledgeable in their area of expertise. To see what we have to offer please visit our web hosting, web design, web marketing information and tutorial.

» 24 x 7 x 365 Service and Support

Technetex Canada has a top notch technical support team working around the clock to ensure you receive the support you need whenever you need it. Also for your convenience we've implemented an online interactive support forum. We are in the business of making sure you web site stays open for business and by golly we're good at it. You only have to speak to our references to verify that.

» 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Another reason if not the most important reason to become a member of the Technetex Canada team is our '30 Day Risk Free Trial' or you don't pay, no questions asked. This alone tells you we're serious about our claims.

» Very High Bandwidth

At Technetex Canada we don't believe you should pay for your site's popularity. This is the reason we decided to offer very high bandwidth with all our plans no matter how small or how big. Very high bandwidth means there is virtually no limit to the number of hits your site can receive. Very high bandwidth means there is virtually no limit to the amount of data transfer to and from your site. Very high bandwidth means there is virtually no limit to the to the potential of your online venture. Also, you may have heard that adult websites can hog a lot of bandwidth, which can slow down a provider's service significantly. This is true and one of the reasons (but not the only reason) why we does not allow sites with pornographic content as well as online casinos.

» Site Administration

Once your order is confirmed we begin setting up your immediately and will have your account fully activated within 24 hours. This means the very next day you will be able to login into our user friendly, control panel and begin administering your web site right away. Here you will be able to; FTP files, create users, manage e-mail accounts, and effectively manage your site.

» CGI, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SSL and FrontPage Extension Support

Technetex Canada has everything, any webmaster could possibly need. To see a list of the features included in all our plans please visit our hosting features. If you feel you don't need these things right away, it's always good to know you can always benefit from them down the road when you do need them. This way if later you decide you want to create an order form or enter into the world of e-commerce with a secure shopping cart you won't have to go through the headache of transferring you site.

» Dedicated vs. Virtual Hosting

Currently Technetex Canada specializes in virtual web hosting, however, we will be offering dedicated services in the future. If you are a small to medium sized business and want to level the playing with the big guys, a virtual host offering unlimited bandwidth is more than enough for your needs. Virtual hosting is significantly more cost effective over dedicated hosting. If on the other hand you require Gigabytes of disk space and plan to manage numerous domain names as in becoming a reseller you can do it with a virtual host, however, in this case you may want to consider dedicated hosting.


And last but not least...

» Flexible, Affordable Price Plans

We have recently updated our site to include a wide range of plans to choose from and all very affordable. In choosing the best web hosting company, going with the cheapest provider is usually not recommended because as with everything in the world 'you get what you pay for'. Also, its usually a wise to avoid the sites with the ridiculously low or 'to good to be true' pricing. We recommend that as you are comparing prices discard the lowest priced and the highest priced then weigh the benefits of the ones left on your list. You'll find that our prices are not ridiculously low or ridiculously high and therefore is definitely worth considering. For a complete list of our price plans please visit our pricing.


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