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Ensim Control Panel Features

Your Web hosting services are provided by a product called WEBppliance™. WEBppliance is a software application designed to automate the deployment and management of Web-hosting services. It is the powerhouse that enables you to manage your site account. You interface with WEBppliance through the Site Administrator control panel.

As the owner of the site, through the Site Administrator control panel, you have easy access to the management and configuration of your Web site. Here are some of the features of the Ensim Site Administrator control panel.

Web Server Configuration  
Publish pages »   You can download/upload pages directly from the control panel from anywhere with any browser.
Preview Web pages »   Using Site Preview you can preview Web page content. This makes it possible to preview Web sites that are too new to be available on the Internet due to DNS not yet propagating.
Set Default home page »   Set your Default home page, or the default page for directories to what ever you wish.
Setting Permissions »   Set read or write permissions on any directory or file as your needs dictate. Enable/disable directory browsing on your site.
Customized Error pages »   You can customize the action that happens whenever a browser encounters an error while accessing your site. A common use is to replace the "404 Page Not Found" error with a redirector to your default page.  This way visitors will never see a 404 error if they happen to click on a broken link.
Virtual Directories »   Create mappings to directories in your site that can be accessed by using the virtual directory name. This allows you to hide the actual location of your files from visitors and provide a simpler, shorter URL for your visitors to use.
Document Footer »   Create and enable a custom document footer to be displayed at the bottom of every web page of your site.
Database Administration  
MySQL Admin »   Link to php MyAdmin to set up, configure, and view your database from anywhere with any browser
ODBC Manager »   Data sources provide a central location for accessing databases easily from your applications. View, add, modify, and remove data sources as your needs dictate. Add MS SQL and/or MS Access data sources easily.
FTP Configuration  
Configurable settings »   Modify read/write permissions of the FTP server. Customize log on and log off messages. Turn on/off anonymous FTP.
Anonymous FTP »   Enable anonymous FTP if you require it. Anonymous FTP allows files to be transferred over the Internet through FTP without the use of a password or the creation of a user account. anonymous users only have access to the "anonymous" directory located in ftproot.
MailEnable Email Service Integrated into the control panel the MailEnable email service provides users with a web-based interface, similar to the popular email systems such as HotMail, where they can send, receive, and manage their email. Email can also be downloaded from any email client, such as Outlook or Outlook express.
User Administration  
Add Users »   As the Site Administrator you can add users to your site. This provides each user with a unique username and password which they use to log on to the User Administrator control panel. Each new user gets their own email account and mailbox.
Create email Aliases »   An email alias is a method of mapping a nickname to an actual email address. They are a convenient way of adding more email addresses to an existing user account without creating additional mailboxes. You can create as many email aliases as you desire.
Users can »   View or change contact information. Set personal email preferences, such as email forwarding and auto responder.
Analog Log Analyzer Measures the usage traffic on your Web site.
The analyzer compiles statistics about which web pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which web site visitors tried to follow broken links, and other such information.
Help when you need it The Ensim Control Panel includes a comprehensive help section that can guide you through any task you wish to perform. If you ever require more information you can download the complete user manual in PDF format from Ensim's Web site.
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